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Total Trial Strategy

Welcome to Large Verdicts Consulting!  As a result of 21 years working with some of the very best lawyers in America, we have developed what has been described as “The Swiss Army Knife” of litigation support. We have the tools you need to take you from new case generation all the way through to case resolution. The convenience & efficiency of one resource with dependable results.
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We like winning...we're used to winning. Having been involved in hundreds of trials over the past two decades with some of America's very best trial attorneys, we have learned a great deal. We have seen the best techniques, heard the best 'openings' & been moved by the best 'closings' imaginable. We know that many times these cases are won or lost at the end of the opening statement. We know how important witness preparation is, we've seen how great lawyers on the other side can destroy your case almost instantly. We've seen the trial 'minefield' crossed many times & given the opportunity, we like nothing more than sharing those experiences in an effort to increase the likelihood of success. 

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Mark Valentine

Trial Consultant

(919) 623-2563

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