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Total Trial Strategy

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Many Cases Are Lost During Voir Dire 

Good Lawyers Know the Law--Great Lawyers Know the Jury

Our experience came from the courtroom, not in front of a keyboard. As a result, we have developed a state of the art 'tool' that will help not only in identifying potential jurors who will be friendly to your case but as importantly, the identification of 'poison pill' jurors in front of whom you cannot try your case. It is much an exercise in juror deselection as it is jury selection. 

We are confident enough to make you this guarantee; Once we are retained, if you don't win, we don't get paid.



The Visual Advantage

The Visual Advantage will produce for you; Medical Illustrations, Colorized X-Rays, Graphics, 3-D Models, Computer Animations, including Medical Animations. Over the last 21 years we have created the trial exhibits for many, if not most of the largest verdicts & settlements in NC history…we know what to do. Send us a request and we will send you a complete portfolio showcasing our capabilities.

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Qualified Opinions

With years of experience, we can assist you in the 'brainstorming' aspect of your trial preparation. We can help you develop a theme for your case, provide a qualified opinion of your opening and closing statements & critique the preparation of your witnesses. We view this as a team effort from start to finish.

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Total Trial Strategy

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You Try Your Case - We Watch the Jury

'In trial' jury observation is a very key part of the winning strategy. Once everything else is done we will join you in court & watch your jury all day every day you are in trial. We will be able to give you the input you need but can't see. Very often when you're in the battle it is hard to tell if you're winning or losing. We can see the whole battlefield and can give you the intel you need to constantly make the necessary adjustments. We can tell you the jurors who are 'with you' & those who aren't & armed with our jury research we can help you fix it. ​

Again, once we are retained, if you don't win, we don't get paid


Hiring an attorney is important, but hiring the RIGHT attorney is crucial

If you have been injured due to the negligence of someone else, the lawyer you need is more than likely NOT the person you've seen on TV dozens of times or one of the lawyers who helped fill your mailbox after your accident. There are some notable exceptions but the attorneys that the Insurance Companies and Defense Attorneys fear most don't need to advertise. We are privileged to work with the very best attorneys and will gladly make a recommendation to you based on where you are located & the severity of the accident. Our contact form is on the 'home' page.

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Retain an Attorney Quickly

After an accident people who can be critical to your case quickly return to their lives. Memories fade & witnesses disappear. Hiring the right attorney promptly will ensure that critical evidence is preserved. The system is designed to take advantage of accident victims who don't have legal representation...don't be one of those people.

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We Can Help

You'd be amazed at the number of attorneys who call themselves "Trial Lawyers" but couldn't find the courthouse with a map & couldn't afford to try a case even if they were so inclined. The lawyers we deal with are 'real' trial lawyers...going to court and fighting for their clients is what they do...and they love it because they're good at it. The insurance companies know that and so do the defense attorneys. To get this kind of representation you have to know where to look & we know. We are happy to share that information with you.

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